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World Health Day : 07/04/2015

World Health Day was observed on 7/4/2015 from 8 AM to 1 PM. Theme of the day was “Food Safety”. Make food safe from farm to plate. Kamineni College of Nursing in collaboration with Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences and Research center organized rally, food exhibition, conducted seminar on “ Food Safety - farm to plate : Make food safe. A guest lecture was organized on the topic “Junk food - effects on health” by Dr.Laxmaiah an expert from National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyd, students have attended the seminars.



NSS volunteers and faculty attended walk/run on 08/03/2015 at TankBund with the theme “ Save Female Fetus”. The walk was organized by Batukamma festival/ Womens organizing committee, Gandhi hospital and college, Secunderabad. The committee organized competitions from 9/3/2015 to 12/3/2015, to all the students from twin cities


The below mentioned students of Kamineni College of nursing participated in various competitions and bagged prizes

Competition Student Name Batch Award
Painting and cartoon(9/3/2015): Ms. Rebecca N. M. Sc. (N) II year II Prize
  B.Sc. (N) II year Ms. Princy Alexander Consolation prize
Singing(10/3/2015): Ms. A. Mounika B. Sc. (N) III year I Prize
Elocution(11/3/2015): Ms. Aishwarya Setty B. Sc. (N) III year I Prize
  Ms. Rebecca N. M. Sc. (N) II year II Prize
  Ms. Suguna M. Sc. (N) I year III Prize
Essay writing(12/3/2015): Ms. Jaya Sree B. Sc. (N) II year II Prize
  Ms. Sai Priya B. Sc. (N) II year Consolation Prize.



All NSS volunteers of Kamineni College of Nursing actively participated in polio immunization programme from 18/1/2015 to 20/1/2015 and from 22/2/2015 to 24/2/2015 for six days at Uppal and Malkajgiri, PHC regions. On 18th Jan and 22nd Feb.children who were below 5 years were immunized in polio booth from 6am to 6pm. On remaining days from 8am to 4pm door to door survey was conducted to immunize children, who did not report to booth.

SN unit of Kamineni College of Nursing, L.B.Nagar

SN unit of Kamineni College of Nursing, L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad has organized Sports & Games for B.Sc (N) and M.Sc (N) students on 13th , 14th & 16th Feb 2015 under the chairmanship of Dr.Mrs.M.Geetha Srinivas, Principal, Kamineni College of Nursing and Mrs.K.Gnanalatha, Students Advisor, Mrs.M.Chandrakala, NSS PO. From the participants, All the students participated joyfully in various sports and games. The below listed students had bagged prizes.

S.No Date Name of the Sports/Games Prize Winners
1 13/2/15 Running Race I Prize:  II Prize : 
  Anu P..S IV yr B.Sc (N) Ms.Ashley  I yr B.Sc (N)  
2 13/2/15 Kho-Kho Winners : Runners :
1.Ms.Srujana - I yr M.Sc (N) 1. Ms.Someshwari - IV yr 
2.Ms.Gowthami - III yr B.Sc (N) 2. Ms.Bikshamamma - IV yr
3.Ms.Srilatha - I yr B.Sc (N) 3. Ms.Sandhya Rani - I yr
4.Ms.Vaishnavi - III yr B.Sc (N) 4. Ms.Asha - IV yr
5.Ms.Amrutha - IV yr B.Sc (N) 5. Ms.Deepika - III yr
6.Ms.Rinta - I yr B.Sc (N) 6. Ms.Santhamma - IV yr
7.Ms.Princy - II year B.Sc (N) 7. Ms.Asma - II yr
8.Ms.Mamatha - IV yr B.Sc (N) 8. Ms.Anusha - II yr
9.Ms.G.Pranitha - III yr B.Sc (N) 9. Ms.A.Mounika - III yr
3 13/2/15 Tennicoit Winners : Runners
1.Ms.Sirisha - IV yr 1.Ms.Santhamma - IV yr
2.Ms.Vasantha - III yr 2.Ms.Akasa - III yr
4 13/2/15 Chess Winner :  Runner : 
Ms.Deepika  III yr B.Sc (N) 1.Ms.Amrutha  IV yr B.Sc (N)
5 14/2/14 Kabaddi Winners:  
1. Ms.Sucharitha- II yr M.Sc (N)  
2. Ms.Binsu - III yr B.Sc (N)  
3. Ms.Sirisha - IV yr B.Sc (N)  
4. Ms.Binny - III yr B.Sc (N)  
5. Ms.Rinta - IV yr B.Sc (N)  
6. Ms.Ansu - IV yr    
6 14/2/15 Shuttle Winners : Runners :
1.Ms.Mamatha - IV yr B.Sc (N) 1.Princy - II yr B.Sc (N)
2. Ms.Muthyalu - I yr B.Sc (N) 2..Ganga Bhavani - II yr
7 14/2/15 Throw Ball Winners: Runners :
1.Ms.Aishwarya - II yr B.Sc (N) 1. Chamundeshwari - IV yr 
2.Ms.Muthyalu - I yr B.Sc (N) 2. Anu.P.S - III yr
3.Ms.Mary Aishwarya - II yr  3. Sirisha - I yr
4.Ms.Jyothi Mary - II yr  4. Asha - III yr
5.Ms.CH.Lalitha - III yr 5. Katyayani - II yr 
6.Ms.Susan - I yr 6. Manjisha - III yr
7.Ms.Sherin - III yr  7. Soni Bai - I yr
8 16/2/15 Carroms Winners : Runners:
1.Ms.Mamatha - III yr B.Sc (N)    - Nil - 
2.Ms.Y.Mounika - II yr B.Sc (N)