Kamineni College of Nursing is committed to

  • Prepare the students to be individual, a citizen and a nurse to make maximum contributions to self and society.
  • Enrichment of ongoing academic programmes.
  • Competency building through education and training programmes.
  • Interactive individual based teaching learning processes.
  • Reliable and credible student evaluation systems.
  • Result oriented, accountable and transparent administrative and logistic support system.
  • Research, innovation, training and networking for system development and staff development.


To recognize the need for continued learning for personal and professional development, practice ethical values in personal and professional life, disseminate nursing research findings for improving the health status of the community.

To impart high quality education and training programmes for diverse sections of society with a focus on hitherto deprived sections at lower costs by using the modern technology in teaching learning processes as well as in administrative and support services is the goal of this institution.



Kamineni College of Nursing believes that

The B.Sc Nursing and M.Sc (Nursing) programme of the Kamineni College of Nursing, Hyderabad strives for the personal and professional growth of the students. The programme would stimulate the prospective nurse clinicians, administrators, educators and researchers to a high level of performance. It is also believes that the Post- Graduate Programme in Nursing would emphasize a thoughtful, creative and analytical approach to the solution of problems in Nursing practice and education within the context of dynamic society and developing economy. Nursing education would provide a stimulating environment which encourages students to preserve, transmit and advance knowledge through research.