Mission & Vision

  • To prepare students to be an efficient individual, a useful citizen and an eminent nurse, to make maximum contribution to self and society.
  • To develop competencies required for providing high quality nursing care scientifically and independently to individuals, families and communities.
  • To develop knowledge of human and public relations, develop interpersonal relationship and communication skills.
  • To understand and apply principles of teaching and be able to teach formally and informally in the clinical nursing situations and training programme.
  • To implement reliable and credible student evaluation system.
  • To strive for staff development through innovation in teaching, training and research programme.
  • To understand ethical and legal aspects of nursing while rendering quality nursing care.
  • To develop self-discipline, self-direction, leadership qualities and to assume responsibility for professional growth.
  • To impart high quality education and training Programmes for diverse sections of society at lower cost by using modern technology in teaching learning processes.


Philosophy of College of Nursing

Nursing is a dynamic profession that is scientifically based and is influenced by advances and innovations in science and technology as well as the emerging trends in society and health care delivery system. Nursing as a profession makes definite contribution to human welfare that includes promotion of health, prevention of illness, alleviation of suffering, care of sick, counselling and rehabilitation. The KIMS college of Nursing, Narketpally strives for the personal and professional growth of students. The faculty motivates and prepares the students to be future nurse clinicians, administrators, educators and researchers to impart high level of performance. The PG programme in nursing would emphasize to use cognitive(thoughtful), affective and psychomotor skills in the concerned specialties meeting the health needs of individuals, families and communities and stimulate students to study in various branches of nursing.