Careers Prospects

Immediate job opportunities are available for Graduates of Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences School of Nursing as Staff Nurse. They are recruited in various Kamineni Institutions and got placements all over India and Abroad in hospital settings, community services, educational institutions, social centres and schools. They are also eligible to do Post B. Sc (N), M.Sc (N), Ph.D and M.Pil.

Awards / Medals

A candidate, who has obtained more than an aggregate of 75% and above marks in the Board examinations throughout the 3½ year course, shall be awarded Gold Medal by the Management.

Students are well trained in theoretical and practical examinations, and every year they achieve best performance in the Board Examination. The academic year 2015-16 results are:

Total 39 students of 3rd year have written the exams and obtained 17 Distinctions and 18 first class marks and one Distinction from 2nd year with 83%.